A return to this famous lookout at Blackheath – this time at sunrise.
This was prompted by a fabulous photo my youngest son, Sam took c.2003 using our very first digital camera, a 5 megapixel Canon Powershot (from memory). That image was printed and framed and still looks amazing for a mere 5Mp shot.
I was hoping for some clouds to turn the sunrise into something dramatic, and was partly rewarded with a large bank of cloud along the eastern horizon. It wasn’t enough to get that classic shot of the sun’s red light bouncing off the bottom of the clouds just before the sun comes over the horizon, but it was ok.
I forgot to pack my 17-35mm Tamron, but in fact the trusty Tamron 70-200mm served fairly well to get the sun peeping through the cloud bank.

Some of the shots here are pretty ordinary, but they serve to help me learn more about landscape shooting.

Getting there.
Couldn’t be easier: Head to Blackheath, turn right down Govett’s Leap Rd, and stop when you get to the parking area at the end.
Hot tip: Even at sunrise, the main lookout can get quite crowded with viewers, but just 5 minutes down the path to the left of the parking area leads to to two small, lower lookouts. Much quieter and just a good a vista down the valley.

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