This is a unique glen and half cave most famous for being used as a set in Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome (the bit where he visits the kids in the underground dwelling with stilt houses etc).
It is accessed by a tiny slot canyon leading to a small enclosed waterfall and glen which can be very photogenic in the right light with some mist around.

There wasn’t any mist around the day I visited, nor was the waterfall producing much. Local conditions didn’t allow me to take the best view of the glen, but it is still a delightful spot with lots of macro opportunities as well as the wide angle shots.

Gear used
I used three lenses on the day: 17-35mm Tamron, 106mm Sigma Macro, and the good old Nikon 24-70mm.

Getting there
While to drop down to the glen is steep, it’s not long (3-400mm). It is accessed off the Megalong Valley Rd, which is off Shipley Plateau Rd. at Blackheath. You pull off Megalong Valley Rd around a kilometre from Shipley Plateau Rd and park on the inside of a sharp right hand hairpin bend. The track down to the glen starts from the outside edge of same hairpin.
See map below.

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