One stunning Sunday morning, I set out to check out some vantage points along Narrowneck in Katoomba.
Narrowneck is a skinny plateau extending south from Katoomba (see map below). The eastern side looks out over the Jamison Valley, with Mt Solitary in the south. The western side overlooks the Megalong Valley.
While the road/trail along Narrowneck has become quite popular with walkers/runners in recent times, there are plenty of excellent rock viewing platforms not far off the track that are easy to access, yet seem to be little used – exactly what I like!

On this particular day, I was delighted to find that the valleys were full of mist, and looked fantastic in bright sunshine on a near cloudless day. The first gallery is from lookout 1 (see first map below), facing west. The second gallery is from what I call lookout 7 (see map), looking into the Jamison and Mt Solitary.
The last batch of images were taken at sunset a couple of days later from Lookout 1. This was my first sunset shoot and involved quite a bit of experimenting with gradual ND filters and some judicious tweaking in Lightroom after.