Sydney Zoo opened a couple of years ago and is only half and hour away from me. So a lovely (rare) sunny day in early May was the perfect chance to pay a visit with the camera.

The zoo is quite small, but being a new facility, it is built with both animal and human welfare in mind. The animals have generous enclosures and the enclosure are generally designed to facilitate easy viewing. The whole site is on the level, making getting around very easy. The pathways are wide and there is a generous amount of shady spots to pause and rest.

After a brief consultation with a fellow photographer who visits the zoo regularly, took just one lens: the Tamron 150-600mm zoom – and that proved to be a good choice. Handheld, that lens is a handful in terms of weight, so I quickly mounted it on the tripod and just folded the legs and slung the whole assembly over my shoulder to move around!.

I plan another visit soonish, and will try and choose a day that has some cloud in order to reduce the issue of shadows. I also think a later start is wise, allowing the animals to emerge and become more active.


Easy to get to, as it is near the junction of the M4 and M7, on the Great Western Highway,


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