A return to Floriade in Canberra (an annual display of over 1 million spring bulbs – mainly tulips – in Commonwealth Park) was long overdue.
It didn’t fail to impress, but we did miss the peak of the tulips due to the warm weather in early spring bringing them on earlier than usual.

But this year, they had interplanted lots of groundcovers amongst the tulips so there were still colourful displays to enjoy.
Less enjoyable was the big increase in commercial stalls all through the site this year. It made interesting backgrounds in photos more of a challenge.
So these photos show some tulips past their prime, but still enjoyable viewing.

The day before, we also visited the Australian National Botanical Gardens not far away and there are some photos from there after the Floriade images.


Canberra is a about a 3.5 hour drive for us, but very easy to navigate to and around, courtesy of Google Maps.
It was also our first road trip in our Tesla ev – a quiet and comfortable ride. We easily made it to Canberra with the battery SOC around 28%, but then had our first experience of using Tesla Superchargers and one none-Tesla charger.


Australian National Botanical Gardens:



Australian National Botanical Gardens

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