That’s what I said when this was suggested as a location! Having lived in Sydney for more than 50 years, I had never heard of it. Turns out it is a small beach located between Warriewood and Narrabeen Beaches on the Northern Beaches of Sydney.

Its dominant feature is a large rock shelf on the southern end of the beach and prominent headlands both north and south which looks to make it not so good for surfing. As far as I can see it is also an unpatrolled beach, making it not very suitable many swimmers/surfers.
But it has the potential as a great sunrise photo location – especially at low tide when the southern rock shelf is exposed and normally covered with bright green algae.

So after much planning with a friend, the tides and weather forecast suggested that Saturday June 18th would be a good day to catch the sunrise.
However that wasn’t to be the case. While the bulk of Sydney and surrounds enjoyed a cloudless dawn, a heavy band of rain was moving from south to north just off the coast, meaning the sunrise was just a vague glow behind heavy clouds. In addition, the lovely green algae had largely been removed by heavy seas in the preceding week or so.

So, looking for a silver lining in those clouds, I turned my eye to what remained of the heavy swell leftover from an earlier weather system and managed some interesting and moody shots of the incoming waves with the dark clouds behind, and the (finally) emerging sun lighting the water from above.
Nothing stunning, but if you view these full screen, there are some interesting shots.


Drive east in Sydney and you will eventually hit the coast! Turimetta Beach is not hard to find.


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