This is a lesser known lookout in Katoomba (see map below) and I found it courtesy of the Gary Hayes photography website. It faces south looking straight down Nellies Glen and further to the Jamison Valley. It has a view of some lovely sandstone cliffs which catch the sun as it sets. Not hard to get to, but a little off the beaten track and you are unlikely to be disturbed by others while you are there. The name is supposedly after the aboriginal tribe who used to inhabit the valley below. It is also know as Dhurabulla.
The sky was crystal clear on the day I went, and I was there in the morning and so I missed out on the lovely colours on the clouds at sunset. However, the sky’s colour was specular, partly making up for this.

How to get there: Park at the T-junction at the end of Stuarts Rd (without blocking the road). Just to the left and on the right hand side of the road you will see a sandy track going off into the bush. This is about 8-10m from the intersection. Follow this for approximately 10 minutes and as the trail starts to go downhill and at a bend to the right with a fallen tree, you will see a trail going off to the left. This is easy to miss, so keep your eyes peeled. Follow this for about 3 minutes to the lookout.