Between Mt Victoria and Lithgow, there is a road that runs north-ish off the Great Western Highway – Mid-Hartley Rd. It’s an alternative route into the town of Lithgow that runs through Hartley Valley.

A couple of kilometers from the Great Western Highway there is this house. I stumbled across it while on a work trip to Lithgow and because I had my camera bag in the car, made a brief stop on the way back.
I assume it’s an old farmhouse that served the property that it stands on. I’m guessing that it’s probably around 100+ years old.

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I love the textures of the cladding and old roofing iron. The weathered and beaten look of the old timbers, and the local flora exploding out of the roof next to the battered chimney.

I should say that I am a rank amateur photographer and still getting to grips with my equipment. But I made a second visit to the Hartley house to capture some better focussed shots and make good use of the late morning shadows.

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