We owned a house at Blackheath for nearly 20 years and it was about 10 minutes walk from the look out at Govett’s Leap.
This look out over the Grose Valley to a north-westerly direction, and along with a few other similar vantage points, is one of my favourites.

These are pretty straightforward shots on a cloudless day in January 2021, but they were among the few shots I tried with a 14mm Samyang lens. I have never shot with such a wide angle before, and realised how easy it is to include all sorts of things you don’t really want in the shot!
Thank goodness for post editing.
The lens is an older one I picked up cheap and it has only manual focus – which is fine – but I find it very hard to get a sense of the accuracy of that with such a wide angle. Probably my inexperience, but I feel I will be looking for a better wide angle lens in the near future.

Anyhow, these mean something to me because of my association with the location, and I plan on going back around dusk and sunset soon to collect some more interesting shots.