This is a location I keep coming back to multiple times as there is such a range of interesting view, places and objects to photograph.
I saw this Harman crane and shed first in 2021 when driving past. This time I stopped and took some time to get a few shots.
The story behind the crane is that it was first placed there some 30-odd years ago by the son of the property owner who ran (and still runs) an earthmoving company.
When first bought to the property it was in working order and was used to help dig a dam on the property.
Sadly is now is simply a marker that the owner uses to guide visitors to the property’s driveway.
But I love the distressed look and way we can see the engine and gearbox and something of the controls.

Alfred Harman started building excavators and cranes in 1920 in Melbourne, but moved to importing cranes in 1960 and the company was bought out in 1962. You can read about it here.

I’m guessing that the Hartley crane is probably from the 1950’s

The few images of the shed on the other side of the driveway caught my eye because of the variety of textures in the timber and iron used.


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