Another COVID lockdown bust-out.
The October long weekend saw some beautiful weather and I explored a relatively short hike to Clarinda Falls at Faulconbridge.
As with any Blue Mountains hikes to water features, it was a downhill run from the road, but the track is well marked and is easily accessible from Sir Henry’s Parade. The trail is also known as the Victory Trail (see map below).

The gully you climb down is lush and green, although parts of it was be challenging to navigate after heavy rain. It was also pretty quiet, only seeing four people on the holiday weekend Monday.

Unfortunately, the falls themselves were nearly dry, so it was hard to capture any really interesting shots. But the slower climb out (with the need for multiple stops!), gave me time to notice some of the quite spectacular mature trees and so I sought to capture some of their grandeur and the fascinating colours and textures of their bark.